Radiation Detection Systems



Discover Radiation Vision - Discovery Mobile 360.jpg

Discovery Mobile 360

Counteract threats at and between points of entry by seeing the radiation. A safe and mobile, fully integrated solution, which is unique in that it provides accurate results without the need to acclimatise or be continuously powered.

Operationally proven RPM range - Discovery RPM.jpg

discovery Rpm

A radiation portal designed to interdict threats efficiently. Targeted at the real threat and not just the radiation detection. Modular, easy-to-use, easy to maintain and self-assuring systems with an unrivalled field-proven operational efficiency.


portal rpm

The radiation portal monitor incorporates gamma and He-free neutron detector technology facilitating simple, application-specific, system optimisation. The systems allow for fast and accurate radiation detection and classification and has superior rejection of naturally occurring radioactive materials with a false alarm rate of less than 1:10,000.

Symetrica Pedestrian sRPM.jpg

Pedestrian Srpm

The sRPMs are used for the protection of Critical Infrastructure, Ports and Borders, Security Events and Military Sites. The sRPMs are Pedestrian and Personnel Radiation Portal Monitors with high certainty gamma and neuron detection and identification.

VeriFinder Backpack.jpg

verifinder backpack

A hands-free Modular Spectroscopic Radiation Detection System with Smart Connectivity. The backpack is rugged, water resistant and a reliable system for radiation detection and identification, utilising patented and field-proven Discovery Technology®. Designed for specialist missions, including Homeland Security, CBRNe Response, Counter Terrorism, and Venue Security.



The VeriFinder is an ergonomically balanced handheld radio-isotope identification device (RIID) with patented and field-proven Discovery Technology®. It provides simple colour-coded isotope classification alongside high accuracy radiation detection and isotope identification where similar instruments struggle.