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The NID Systems VXG-6 is a gantry hi-energy non-intrusive screening system, designed to verify the contents of cargo carrying vehicles, ISO containers, large cargo and palletised goods – normally installed into a warehouse style building.

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The NID Systems VXM-6 is a mobile hi-energy non-intrusive screening system, delivered, installed and commissioned ready for legal use on any road. The vehicle chassis is left- or right-hand drive and homogenised to comply for use in any country.



The NID Systems VXP-6 is a fully self-contained, portal variant hi-energy non-intrusive screening system, with all the equipment and features required to perform inspections at critical national infrastructure locations.

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The NID Systems VXR-6 is a re-locatable variant hi-energy non-intrusive screening system designed to move or re-locate, then operate in a suitable safe and secure environment, where the defined safety and radiation exclusion zones are permissible or can be mitigated by temporary or permanent safety walls.

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The NID Systems VXC-300 Series is a portal low-energy non-intrusive screening system with top-down imaging (plus side imaging with the DV variant) and an operating tunnel designed for scanning cars, vans and small buses.