NID Systems is able to offer a broad range of quality products, services and solutions in the non-intrusive detection industry on a global basis. Working with our partners to bring the best products required for applications at Ports, Borders, Checkpoints and critical infrastructure.

Cargo & Vehicle Inspection

Varex Industrial is the market leading supplier of high energy Linear Accelerators. More than 1,200 systems have been deployed globally powering many of the industry’s leading OEM’s. Varex technology is also the preferred solution for many Non Destructive Testing applications.

NID Systems offers solutions from medium energy, for scanning of occupied cars, to high energy 6MeV interlaced Varex Industrial Linear Accelerator based solutions for scanning trucks, containers and all types of vehicles. Our solutions include mobiles, gantries and drive through, portal systems.

Radiation Detection Systems

Symetrica Security has manufacturing facilities in the UK and US, and supply leading performance radiation detection and identification solutions to the UK and US governments as well as other international government departments. Their equipment in ideal for ports and borders, critical infrastructure locations, Nuclear facilities and high level security checkpoints. With gamma and neutron detection and identification solutions, we can find radioactive threats, with the highest degree of accuracy and the lowest level of false and nuisance alarms. NID Systems can support your needs for requirements in this field.

Under Vehicle Inspection

Visor Systems is a UK based manufacturer of Under Vehicle Inspection Systems, used for inspecting the under side of all types and sizes of vehicles at any location on a permanent or temporary basis. All systems can be fully integrated or can operate as standalone. Vehicle and cargo checkpoints have become technically complex and require a combination of technologies. With our strong technical ability and operational experience NID Systems can confidently include Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) from the UK, ANPR, OCR, vehicle mitigation solutions, traffic control, including barriers and traffic lights, IR Perimeter protection, CCTV, Radiation monitoring, and integration of all systems into a command and control set up. Additionally, we can network all data and X-ray images in common protocols to remote locations.