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NID Systems – Non Intrusive Detection Systems – is a UK based company established in early 2021.

NID is a Global Distributor of Non-Intrusive Inspection Systems, including high energy car and vehicle X-Ray Screening systems using Varex Linear Accelerators. The systems offered include Mobile, Gantry and Portal X-ray inspection systems for inspection of trucks, containers and occupied vehicles such as buses.  All high energy systems utilise Varex Solid State 6MeV Linear Accelerators. Additionally we supply medium energy systems for the scanning of occupied and unoccupied cars and vans, with single view and dual view solutions. 

Associated technologies and systems for non-intrusive inspection are also included in our products and systems solutions.


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NID Systems – Non Intrusive Detection Systems



+44 (0)1249 750284


NID Systems will shortly be announcing exciting partnerships with leading manufacturers of X-ray screening systems for Cargo and Vehicle Inspection, plus leading technology Radiation Detection Systems and Under Vehicle Inspection Systems. We are a truly Global Distributor, with design, supply and technical expertise in these fields.

We are actively seeking regional distributors and representative partners throughout the world. Please contact us for further information.